Main Objective of DiTEM:

The DiTEM training will be a work-based learning approach, based on the following principles: 

1) Highly practical:

To develop a Training Tool to allow European Micro Enterprises to take up the Digital Transformation. This focus is mainly on social media, big data, mobile, and cloud solutions, in order to facilitate the acquisition of e-leadership skills by staff of micro enterprises in Europe.

The training is designed so that it can be implemented straight away by participating target enterprises.

It will provide sector case-studies to facilitate understanding and the application of the Tool in the different contexts and sectors.

It will enable the target group to use and exploit the Tool in their day-to-day activities.

2) Accessibility and Flexibility:

The training is hosted on an interactive distance learning platform and provides 24/7 access to users irrespective of their location.

It will make the products of the project sustainable and usable for a large number of stakeholders.

3) On-line Coach Support: 

The target group have access and are supported by on-line coaching, providing one-to-one support.