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Case Study: Anu Turunen, Idixa, Finland

Company Background

Idixa offers its customers a wide range of logo-labeled textiles, work and play wear as well as promotional and business gifts. Customers can find and choose the right products from the company's website. Having a good website is fundamental for attracting new customers. Digital marketing in general is a topic of interest and that is why I decided to participate the DiTEM pilot.

I am quite pleased with the appearance of the Idixa website, but the content of the website could be improved and made more known. Idixa is present in Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram, but does not make updates very actively. There could be more use of social media.


  • The company would like to get more visitors and followers to the website.

  • The company would like to increase visibility and get followers in social media to acquire new customers and keep existing ones.


  • Find out how search engine optimization and changing the content of web pages could help to get more leads and clicks to website.

  • Make a new plan for social media usage that suits Idixa’s resources and needs: channel (s) and possible campaign.

Digital change

  • Changes to websites.

  • New use of social media.


  • Getting new customers.

  • Quick and targeted targeting of campaigns to existing customers.

  • Increasing the visibility of the company in social media.

What were the highlights of the course?

The social media module was the most interesting part of the training for me. The online course was easy to study.

Impact - How has being on the course helped you as an individual?

It gave me some ideas how to use social media in new ways and other ME’s encouraged me to join LinkedIn.

Impact - How has being on the course helped your business?

Workshop about Search Engine Optimization was informative on how to create content that will attract visitors. It was useful to discuss with other entrepreneurs about their challenges, exchange ideas and get new contacts.

Would you recommend the course/online platform to other people?


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