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Case Study: Charlotte Clark, Virtual Assistant

Company Background

Taskerly is not your average Virtual Assistant agency. It is a small, growing enterprise that works extensively with clients in the States and boasts an impressive set of clients and VAs.

Have you worked with our organisation previously

Yes – ETA is also a client.

What were the highlights of the course? Strengths?

The short and nature and flexibility of the course and that is responsive meaning users can work from SMART phones on the go and laptops as well.

Would you recommend the course/online platform to other people?

The course is split into easy-to-manage pieces, so students can complete whole sections in one sitting, instead of losing their place in one large run-on course. It’s easy to navigate your way to each of the sections and it’s easy to go back to the beginning.

It’s also great that the modules don’t seem to have to be completed in any particular order, so students can pick and choose the order that they study the content. If a student needs to learn how to do something quickly, they can log in and go straight to the module of interest and spend thirty minutes completing it. If someone has a limited amount of time to study, all modules state how long they will take so the student can find one to fit in the time that they have.

The content all seems to be responsive, so students are able to complete it on any device. This is important now considering a lot of business owners do a lot of work on mobile devices, so they’ll be able to continue where they left off from their phone or tablet.

There is content on a broad range of topics that will be useful to all online businesses, and they are all topics that new business owners might not have thought about or studied in great depth. None of the modules include so much information that they overwhelm the student, but instead there’s enough in there to cover the most important aspects to ensure business owners have the information that they need.

Overall, the content is visual, easy to digest, and useful for new micro business owners starting their businesses in a digital space.

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