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Case Study: Kleanthis Iordanopoulos, Epitixias, Greece

Together with the traditional courses delivered to high school students, the institution is trying to integrate on-line courses to supplement the classroom-based material. Towards that purpose, the organization recently developed a website together with Social Media accounts in order to promote the online classes to all students. Now, the institution holds a fully developed website and a professional Facebook Page.


• Lack of knowledge on online marketing techniques as there was no expertise on social media.


• Invest in Search Engine Machines and Google Ads to promote their website

• Learn compelling content writing and storytelling on Facebook

• Invest in online campaigns in conjunction with offline events

Digital transformation

• Analytics can reveal data about the audience’s needs and thus can improve online performance of the organization

• A loyal relationship between the organization and the target audience was built


• The institution can now identify the learners’ needs or preferences and plan all the promotional activities accordingly.

• Taking advantage of the ‘mouth-to-mouth’ fact, the organization managed to increase even more the impact through social media. In fact, many people were interested in joining the online courses, having found relevant information in the Web.

General comment:

Kleanthis said:

‘You can find several sectors in one place! DiTEM course covers different needs in an interesting way!’

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