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Case Study: Gian Luca Angeli, Il Deschetto Orafo, Italy

Gianluca has ran his business since the 1990’s. The activities he performs are in the field of jewellery. In particular he creates and repairs jewels for clients and other jewellers. Gianluca is an artisan with strong skills on his field acquired since long time. He has some collaborators.

Unfortunately, he did not have any digital strategy. He doesn’t have a website or a social media page. All his activities are not digitalised.

Eurocrea Merchant contacted Il Deschetto owner through its network of contacts, Gianluca have never participated in this kind of activities. Gianluca never participated in Eurocrea Merchant activities but found the course very well organised and challenging. The positive aspects of the course for him were the wide spectrum of topics and the easy language.

He says – "the course helped me in understanding what can be good for my business as a digital strategy, especially because nowadays you are constantly offered for services you may not need. With the course I really understood what is needed for me. In terms of my business I could understand that definitely is time to invest in social media and a web page for my business. I would even consider to sell or order products online but this is a step I will take in the future if I will have positive responses from a social media strategy.

I will suggest the course to other goldsmiths that I know".


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