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Case Study: Ilias Hatzis, Occanto, Greece

The company just finalized the design and production of two new products and tries to develop a campaign along with social media accounts in order to promote the new line of beers to their target group.


• The company didn’t have the expertise on certain marketing techniques regarding social media.


• Invest in Search Engine Machines and Google Ads to promote their new products.

• Learn engaging content writing to create a campaign of public tasting tests, relevant competition with promotional goods and sharing profound stories of personal testimonies by participants and knowledge behind the procedures of creating the new products.

Digital transformation

• Create a compelling online strategy involving site visitors and potential customers.

• Build trust with visitors and participants by growing their knowledge behind the creation of the products.

• Create traffic to their website and as result create their audience.


• The company can now start successful campaigns.

• Implement efficient marketing based on the target group.

General comment:

Ilias said:

‘It was the first time that I participated in a course for digital technologies, but DiTEM really helped me to improve my skills in Social Media! New customers are coming!’

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