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Case Study: Ivanka Georgieva, “Nov Start Ruse” EOOD, Bulgaria

Company Background

After I had some health issues, I changed my diet, passed several training courses, where I learned different techniques which I’ve found to be effective and which I apply today. Since we cannot stop stress, we can at least try to get rid of it with certain techniques. The company was established in 2017. In the same year, I applied for project funding and I was approved. So, I opened a bio shop where I offer healthy food and supplements and share with customers some of the techniques [I’ve learned] to help them make their lives better, healthy, slender and energetic.

Have you worked with our organisation previously

Yes. It is nice to work in such pleasant surroundings and with a team of wonderful young and knowledgeable people.

What were the highlights of the course? Strengths?

I think they all were.

Impact - How has being on the course helped you as an individual?

I feel inspired. I was very pleased to meet new people and learn a lot of new and useful things.

Impact - How has being on the course helped your business?


Is there anything you do now in your business that you wouldn’t have otherwise done?

I would love to put in practice some of the things I’ve learned during this training.

Would you recommend the course/online platform to other people?

It would be my great pleasure to recommend this course to other people and other trainings offered as well, because they are different, interesting and useful.

Have you had any recent successes in your business?

We have many successes and they are growing each day. That is proven by our happy customers, who motivate us to work with great desire, to give everything we’ve got to make them grateful and happy.

Any advice that you would offer other businesses

I can not offer them an advice, but I would recommend them to invest in training their employees and not be in a hurry to apply more and more new things.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I am delighted of the energy, enthusiasm and dedication you put in in you work.

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