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Case Study: Katerina Kotsoni, Embiria, Greece

Having a vast amount of clients, the company uses cloud-based databases in order to keep track of the history and contracts that each client holds. The organization already uses an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which serves as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, monitoring all the activities and payments.


• Using a cloud-based system entails to comply with GDPR rules. However, the knowledge in the area was not sufficient enough to successfully protect all the data


• Back-ups of database

• Update McAfee antivirus

Digital transformation

• The adoption of simple digital techniques to protect data


• Brokers and employees feel more confident about keeping their clients’ data safe

• The organization now complies with GDPR Rules and know how to keep protecting all the data. In fact, they are now teaching other companies on how to do so!

General comment:

Katerina said:

‘DiTEM approach has managed to get us engaged and motivated to embrace digital technologies’


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