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Case Study: Miroslav Lyudmilov, Business Innovations for Carrier Development Foundation, Bulgaria

Company Background

Our organization was established on February 28, 2018, and according to the Act regarding Non-Profit Legal Entities, it is entity of a public benefit activity. The idea for this undertaking, was set by its Executive Director - Mr. Miroslav Lyudmilov, who established it with three other supporters of the idea that modern society and the globalizing world in need of innovation and careers, which can build and transform business circles by raising awareness and capacity of citizens in different aspects and forms of business participation and strategy. Furthermore, the opportunities and desire of the BICD Foundation for the development of the public mass are not limited to business, careers and innovations only, but it continues with education, culture, social and youth design, healthcare, tourism and ecology, media, mass media and legal culture.

As it was said in ancient times, "Every beginning is difficult, but glorious!" And we, as a team, say that every beginning is difficult, and we believe that these difficulties hide the true sense of success and the formula for team and leadership communication. Our work adds up to the overall structure and vision for the development of our organization for the years to come, i.e. in short-term plans we have set the task of active involvement in various national, European and international projects. We hope that by doing so, we will be able to strengthen our organisation’s presence and active involvement in the lives of citizens and most importantly to us - become young people’s small step towards their big success in business career aspect of.

Have you worked with our organisation previously

No, we have not worked with your organization so far, but for all of us here at the BICD Foundation is a pleasure to share and tell about our opportunity to meet with you in working conditions, and in even in this case in the position of trainees.

Working together with you and your teams was a very good example of an "inter institutional structured dialogue" - an unfamiliar concept among the wider Bulgarian public, and I dare say the public state institutions like administration and administrative capacity.

The people working in your organization show a commitment to the engagements and tasks involved with us as participants; they monitor the level of training and our successful transition from one training module to another on the online learning platform; they are communicative, creative, informing us about each subsequent step and / or action; they are coordinated and respectful with their infringing creative and transforming charge for new digital and practical ideas, guidelines and desire for personal (branch) and team change of the participating project organizations.

What were the highlights of the course? Strengths?

An extremely interesting and useful course, which is designed for anyone who is interested, regardless of the level of computer, technological / digital competence, which is a prerequisite for equal chance and access to a learning environment, which builds additional skills and competencies for the managers of different companies and organizations.

I was impressed by the way how things of ordered and the methodology of each training module set in the course. Also, another thing which drew my attention was the overall idea and concept of the course and the training platform as in architectural structure: analyses (psycho-social and personal); manuals to introduce participants in the training itself; self-assessment (starting - before the course and final - after the course); a Survey for the level of satisfaction and the level of acquiring of the newly learned knowledge and competencies; a glossary with specific words and terms to be met in the training modules, thus each participant can be informed about the sense and meaning of each word and a library, which is a powerful tool for extra information outside the modules in the course, which makes it an important interactive section with the necessary resource-information capacity to satisfy all and various audience queries such as audio-visual, printed (online) and other materials.

The highlights of the course are the training modules and the additional information sections applied in the training platform - DiTEM.

A strong part of the course are two of the training modules - "E-LEADERSHIP" and "CYBER SECURITY". I share the view of these two lessons from the training because it is of utmost importance for every manager of a company and / or organization to be trained and familiar (i.e. to know about and know how) to protect the leak of personal information from the company / organization. One of the conditions for developing a successful business is, building trust among the people who choose to work and trust our companies / organizations. Confidentiality is a leading concept in business circles, and confidentiality integrated into digital innovation and online space is a concept that predisposes the launch of any new company (i.e. every beginning of a company / organization is a test for the security and sustainability of company information and personal data of users from outsiders or competition (breakthroughs in security systems, cyber-attacks, counterfeit e-mails with viruses, etc.).

The module " CYBER SECURITY " is important for this kind of training, which focuses on digital innovations and cyber dimensions. Companies must incorporate in their informal training an educational and informational legal subject and knowledge of the personal presence in the online space, which leads to certain risks and the need for prevention and protection, of course, which are in harmony with the European and national Bulgarian law.

Impact - How has being on the course helped you as an individual?

My participation in the DiTEM training course was an opportunity to receive additional information in some of the familiar areas such as learning modules as well as full new useful theoretical and practical information in other modules focused on business management and integrating it into a digital operating environment which could increase the capacity of participating companies / organizations and their work teams towards the conditions for a successful transformative digital and online communication environment.

Thanks to the course and the interesting thematic training modules, I received very important and valuable educational information that prepared me to be a more coordinated and more creative head of the organization I chair; to work remotely with my teams; to implement small digital enhancements and to increase the capacity of my organization through a practical training seminar via the modules I’ve covered. The course was a turning point for changing my personal and professional qualities, as well as acquired additional skills and competences in the field of digitisation and transformation of digital policies in Europe and the World.

Impact - How has being on the course helped your business?

This outside - inward kind of change began for our organization right after the end of the training course. The change was about looking at the potential of our organization and its technical resources which we have been working with so far. After a thorough analysis of the technical basis, we switched to a second action - changing the conditions at the workplace, namely innovations with more emphasis on better corporate use of digital services that are applicable to a newbie organization like ours.

Impact [it made on our team] – [it let them to be more] coordinated, remote, active, digital, and more effective in their work.

Is there anything you do now in your business that you wouldn’t have otherwise done?

At this stage in the development of our organization and its goals, we can present it in online environments through the various tools for social communication among the general public of Bulgaria.

What we are doing now that we wouldn’t have done otherwise, is that our organization's team is actively involved in the set tasks and goals, and that they are done more diligently and coordinated by using cloud spaces and environments for file and document sharing which make the workflow and access to any kind of information related to our organization easier.

Mobile applications and social media are an important step for us because we can optimize the workflow and increase the level of satisfaction both for our partners, beneficiaries, and for our own team. This is the part that was unknown to us, and maybe that's what we wouldn’t have done unless we were one of the participants in the DiTEM course.

Would you recommend the course/online platform to other people?

YES, it will be a great pleasure to share the DiTEM course and the opportunities that the participants can acquire e.g. knowledge, training and practical orientation, whether they are managers or simply want to enhance their digital competences.

Have you had any recent successes in your business?

People learned about our organization and who we are and what we offer them as services. All of this, today, is a reality, thanks to the successfully completed course, which builds a clearer and more structured vision of the processes of transformation of our online work tools for our organization.

The small steps we make are new opportunities and creative horizons in our business environment!

Any new innovations in your business, particularly regarding digital technologies?

Drastic - NO, practical - YES. Sharing and uploading information in the cloud, installing mobile applications for remote work, and managing our social communication tools and responding to inquiries from citizens.

An addition to our transformation is the transition from standard physical processing to organized documentation through the use of classified electronic signatures, electronic certificates, related social networks and the preparation of an electronic newsletter to be distributed via e-mail services.

Any advice that you would offer other businesses

The road to successful business and building a brand name is paved with many difficulties and obstacles, but nevertheless, the most important thing is to have business persistence, consumer loyalty and digital solutions as your business card.

A key point for any company / organization is the implementation of digital tools which first of all can lead to the benefit of working teams by building interdepartmental (internal) communication, system and coordination in performing everyday tasks, analysing and structuring the goals of business planning; and second, are the direct users of the services who want and always look for something different, more "informal" as a vision and way of presenting, easy access to the services offered by the company / organization and with many enticing audio-visual effects.

There is no formula for success, only leadership and good team can be successful and competitive. Small digital solutions are the road to business innovation and growth in online sales, supply and rating charts in some of the largest search engines.

Anything else you'd like to add?

We are in anticipation of more important and necessary practical courses, which will be in favour of the Bulgarian managers and their skillfully managed business companies / organizations.

I would share the fact that informal training in Bulgaria are not yet well known and are not regarded as an important factor for the private sector, here I emphasize the certification of the courses, which can be done through licensed companies / organizations from the Ministry of Education and Science - Republic of Bulgaria, which does not deprive the participants of additional competence recognized by a certificate and signatures from the above-mentioned Ministry.

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