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Case Study: Pamela Zampolini, La primula

Pamela has recently taken over the family business from her mother, which in the last 10 years and more creates original floral decoration for any occasion.

Pamela is a very creative person, she likes to mix and match flower decorations with other elements, to make her works look different from the classical way. In fact, when she took over the flower shop from her mother, the style was a little bit old-fashion. She said that this was a problem because, with internet and the constant different sources of information, the clients became the more and more demanding in terms of flowers choice and products, as well as the more modern design and decoration style.

Moreover, she was passionate about photography which proved to be a perfect combination of service when a client was asking for a wedding service. Last but not least, she is an enchanting singer! And what is fundamental for a wedding party? Decorations, music and a piece of memory – she says. That is why she decided to put all these services together to be offered to the clients.

Unfortunately, she was very well known as florist but not as photographer or singer. And here started the challenge!

Eurocrea Merchant contacted the Primula owner through its network of contacts, Pamela have never participated in this kind of activities and we must say that she is very busy, but she understood the importance of taking a moment to improve her knowledge thus to get the results she wanted for her business.

Pamela found the course very interesting even if some modules were very far from her understanding at the beginning – being a creative person – she says – I am not very familiar with BIG DATA or Cybersecurity, but now I understand the meaning of these concepts. On the other way I was super-curious about Social Media and Digital Marketing as I wanted to improve this aspect on my business.

Therefore, the course helped Pamela first in widening her competences and knowledge and it was extremely helpful to drown her social media strategy for the future of her business, especially to communicate better what she can do for the wedding service. She also decided to ask her employees to take some modules of the course so that the whole staff is at the same level of knowledge.

But it’s not all folks! Next step will be to improve the business toward e-commerce and an online booking system. Even if she decided to wait and take this through small steps.

Pamela expressed to be available in case other opportunities of this kind will be possible.

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