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Case Study: Stathis Baroutsos, ADAPTIT S.A., Greece

The company provides services in the fields of Architecture, Social Research, Urban and Environmental Design and Participatory Planning by creating/implementing innovative tools, applications and processes. Having recently signed several government contracts, the company needs to improve cyber security and safety procedures.


• The company was having concerns about increasing the protection against Cyber attacks.


• Contact an external IT partner to check the current hardware and software installations.

• Educate workers to avoid sharing device passwords and accessing unsecured websites.

• Use robust anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall software.

Digital transformation

• The company has established regular cyber security training sessions keeping workers up to date.

• Decision to establish a regular cooperation with an external IT professional.


• Cyber security workers’ awareness.

• Integrated policies for cyber and physical security.

General comment:

Stathis said:

‘DiTEM course really helped me understand basic GDPR issues and ways to prevent from cyber attacks’

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