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Case Study: Teppo Ahremaa, Ahremaa Oy, Finland

Company Background

Ahremaa Oy is a startup and is run by the owner Teppo Ahremaa.

Ahremaa Oy is a new patent office in Turku, where I act as an agent. I will help you when you need advice on patents, design rights and other intangible rights. I research, evaluate and teach, make applications, negotiate and, if necessary, fight with agencies and competitors for you. The same, the most comfortable job in the world, I did for 20 years in Finland's best big patent office. I'm at my best in protecting design and mechanical inventions, teaching, interpreting and writing studies and expert reports. The most familiar sectors for me are the marine, construction, engineering and process industries. My particular goal is to make life easier for my customers. Complex language in reports and speech is unnecessary. Every family entrepreneur, startup, or private inventor who is seeking their first patent should understand what they are doing.

What were the highlights of the course?

Information about digital marketing and search engine optimization, mainly in the social media module was interesting to me. I liked the possibility to study online.

Impact - How has being on the course helped you as an individual?

It raised my awareness in digital marketing and importance of creating good web pages for my company.

Is there anything you do now in your business that you wouldn’t have otherwise done?

I will be able to do digital marketing better. I understand how the search engine optimization works and how I should utilize the information in my web pages.

Would you recommend the course/online platform to other people?

Yes. I think the course was useful.

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