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Case Study: Thomas Vestergaard, Lyne Potatis, Denmark

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Lyne Potatis is a large potato farm in the western part of Jutland in Denmark. The company is owned by Thomas Vestergaard who is the 13th generation on the farm.

Lyne Potatis exports a large part of its crops to the Swedish market.

DiTEM take-aways

From the pilot workshop, Thomas learned how to make more engaging Facebook posts and to focus on updating the website.

The website is quite old and needs updating, and Thomas got an insight of the importance of connecting web and social media and to have a responsive website meeting the demands of modern online communication.

The workshop also gave him ideas regarding search engine optimization. He would like more customers on the Swedish market, but other nearby markets such as Norway and Germany could be interesting too.

Thomas is very focused on the fact that digital presence might not be the most important sales channel in his business – however – it is important that the chosen channels (website and Facebook) stand out looking professional and modern, and he will continue to work on this process – especially now that he has a better insight into how these channels work.

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