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Case Study: Tolgan Oysall, Yekaren, UK

Company Background

Yekaren Consulting is a training and consultancy company that has been established in order to support its customers to increase their competitiveness with innovation and creativity.

Yekaren Consulting believes that the only way for companies to achieve sustainable growth is through research and development (R & D) and innovation.

Yekaren Consultancy provides all the knowledge and experience of its advisors who work as experts in TÜBİTAK and view page TTGV to the customers and informs them about the most appropriate support programs and provides the consultancy services they need to make the project applications within the framework of the relevant program.

What were the highlights of the course? Strengths?

Being on-line and delivered as a webinar is ideal for me as I am always too busy to go to training courses.

Impact - How has being on the course helped you as an individual?

Seeing how Exponential uses technology and taking part in the free course.

Impact - How has being on the course helped your business?

We already use a lot of technology, but now I can see there are lots of ways to improve my business.

Is there anything you do now in your business that you wouldn’t have otherwise done?

We already know and use Facebook. John talked about Infusionsoft which I like the sound of. He also sent me a directory f digital tools which is packed with useful tools.

Any advice that you would offer other businesses?

Test your process before going digital then go digital!

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