What to Expect as a Participating Micro Enterprise

Business leaders within your Micro Enterprise will be trained to become e-leaders and drive the digital transformation of the company, counting also on the support and guidance of the coach. It is not expected that a business leader will become an IT expert in all areas, or big data analysts, but the project aims to equip them with the knowledge necessary to understand the potential offered by each tool. 


In particular, as a business leader, you will learn how to:


  • Understand and recognize the full potential of the proposed technologies for your activity and market;

  • Set out a strategy to invest time and resources in the improvement of the digital performance of your company;

  • Actively use social media to improve marketing and communication;

  • Exploit big data for business;

  • Improve mobile solutions;

  • Properly make use of cloud solutions. 

In short, you are trained to become an e-leader.